The First Half Century of the

Battersea Loughborough Lake Association

1963 – 2013

For those fairly new to the Association, this publication will introduce you to the founding members of this organization and the concerns that brought them together in the early 1960s and, in the process, saved Loughborough Lake from being effectively severed into two lakes at Division Street. For long-time members, reading this publication will be a nostalgic journey, as you relive some of the colourful characters who once loomed large in the Association and rediscover that sense of fun and camaraderie that we seem to have lost in our busy lives.

The Association’s mandate and activities are examined from the following perspectives:

a)      Water quality and water levels
b)      Fishing
c)      Water safety
d)      Fire and police protection
e)      Relations with municipalities
f)       Social activities/building a lake community

It is interesting to read of the far-flung membership of the Association (a pattern still somewhat evident today) and to follow the adventures of our most distant member “Pop” Gardiner (from Southhampton, England) whose staid demeanour apparently changed after he discovered the virtues of visiting regularly the kitchen office of Ye Olde Hardware Store in Battersea. When mailing his membership in the early 1970s, he enclosed it in an envelope sent to his son, explaining that he feared that putting The Red Bull Roars on the envelope (then the name of the regular Association newsletter) would prompt the British Post Office to open the mail in search of communist propaganda.We hope that reading this anniversary publication will not only inform and entertain you but will also remind you of the value of this Association and will prompt you to take an active role and to encourage others to join and do so.

How do you get your copy of this treasured publication?

If you wish additional copies, or if non-members wish copies, they can be purchased for $10 by contacting