About Loughborough Lake Association


The Battersea Loughborough Lake Association was founded in 1963 to represent the interests of property owners and work towards sustaining the lake for current and future generations of users.


Every year new development and environmental threats put additional stresses on this valuable resource.


We need your support and for a modest fee, your voice can be heard, to ensure the vitality of this beautiful lake.

How We Make a Difference

  • Volunteer to take water quality samples and underwater vegetation studies;
  • Maintain the Loughborough Lake website and social media;
  • Attendance at Lake Networking meetings and other local meetings of potential interest to Loughborough Lake;
  • Funded a bass study by Queen’s University;
  • Funding for a portable toilet and improvements to the Perth Road boat launch;
  • Support MNR fish stocking and other initiatives;
  • Funding for the South Frontenac Fire Department for on water and on ice fire and rescue activities
  • Volunteers to provide privies & clean up on Crown Islands and boat launch;
  • Partnered with Southern Frontenac Community Services to fund raise and build community with hosting a Poker Run Flotilla,July 28th 2012.