There are a couple of events coming up in the near future. Details on these events will be posted shortly as they become available.

The first event is the BLLA Annual General Meeting. This will be held at the Elbow Lake Environmental and Educational Centre (same place as last year...) on Thursday August 10th at 7:00 PM. The ELEEC is easy to get to - head east on North Shore Road until you get to Hewlett Packard Road where you turn North. Follow Hewlett Packard Road to the ELEEC - the meeting will be held in the main hall.

The second event will be a repeat of our successful BLLA Golf Day. Pictures of last year's event are on this website. The event will be held on Saturday, August 26, 1:00 PM,  at the Inverary Golf & Country Club. 

The other activity that we want to tell you about is the research that the MNRF will be doing on Loughborough Lake. 
There will be an MNRF Netting Project - MNRF has confirmed that they will conduct a Broad-Scale Netting Project on Loughborough from:

  • Tuesday August 22nd to Friday August 25th
  • Monday August 28th to Friday September 1st

MNRF will drop nets at specific locations in both the east and west basins. They will check them and move them to a new location every day. The nets will be clearly marked with orange buoys bearing the MNRF and Ontario logo. MNRF is asking people to stay clear of the buoys and nets, not to lift them up and to avoid recreational activities and anchoring between and around the buoys.

The biological data will be collected by the science crews each day and will provide the MNRF biologists valuable data about the abundance, age structure, mortality and maturity of the types of fish in the lake. This information is used to evaluate the health of fish populations in Loughborough and makes management decisions. They will also collect water samples and check for invasive species.