Lake Planning Activities - An Update

​The Battersea Loughborough Lake Association has explored  whether and in what manner to undertake a Lake Planning project for Loughborough Lake. The members of the executive reviewed the process followed by a number of lake associations in the area .. read more

Water Quality

Love Your Lake Summary

Love Your Lake Shoreline Property Assessment

Following up from the Love Your Lake shoreline property assessments completed during the summer of 2013, Watersheds Canada (formerly Centre for Sustainable Watersheds) is thrilled to come back to Loughborough Lake.. read more

Lake Planning

When you get down to it, one of the major reasons why people come to Loughborough Lake is because of, well, the lake. The water is the basis for why people build cottages and homes here, buy boats and other toys and choose to come back and take their annual vacation or even spend their lives beside it. .. read more