Since 1963, we have led the effort to protect the rights of our residents, wildlife and lake

“The Loughborough Lake Association is an important source of input to the Township of South Frontenac.  I personally have been a member of the Association for many years and believe in the mandate to promote the best interests of the lake.”
Gordon Burns, Former Clerk/Administrator, South Frontenac Township            

“I support the association in its efforts to maintain water quality and natural heritage features on the lake.”
Tom Beaubiah, Biologist, Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority 

 “The association plays an important role in sustaining the sport fishery and protecting fish habitat”
Mark Ferguson, Impact Assessment Biologist, Fisheries and Oceans Canada 


Our Mission

The Battersea Loughborough Lake Association was founded in 1963 to represent the interests of property owners and help protect the lake for current and future generations of users. Every year new development and environmental threats put additional stresses on this valuable resource. We need your support and as a member you can help ensure the vitality of this beautiful lake.



- We monitor water quality in the lake by taking samples and by performing underwater vegetation studies;
- We organize and support social events and presentations for members and residents of the lake;
- We play an active role in local politics and voice your developmental and environmental concerns;
- We participate in the larger provincial network of lake associations;
- We help fund studies of the lake biology by local scientists, such as from Queen’s University;
- We provided outhouses and collect garbage at camp sites on crown islands;
- We help MNRF with fish stocking and other initiatives;
- We have helped fund the Fire Department for on water and on ice fire and rescue activities;
- We partnered with Southern Frontenac Community Services to fundraise and build community.


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Battersea Loughborough Lake Association
4826 North Shore Road, RR 2
Perth Road, ON K0H 2L0
Telephone: 613-985-7506