Trout Stocking Loughborough Lake

Since 2015, the Lake Association has actively partnered with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) to assist with stocking the west basin with Manitou Lake Trout fingerlings provided by the White Fish Lake Culture Station. This endeavor has grown in scope to allow 15,000 trout to be released in under two hours for each of the past two years. In addition, two boats, full of students from the Queen’s University Biology Department, have joined us. This year’s stocking event, which was held on May 17 th in beautiful sunny conditions, concluded with MNRF providing a barbeque lunch for all of the volunteers.

Each year the event improves in all areas: a firm stocking date is now given ahead of time, the timing of the arrival of the tanker truck containing the fish as well as the start time for the volunteer boats has been fine-tuned, the optimal number of boats has been determined (7 plus the Queen’s boats), filling of coolers to hold the fish and optimize their survival rate (away from shore while waiting – better for the fish to have clean, cool water and less waiting time at the shore), several more nets and runners to move the fish quickly from the tanker to the coolers have been added, and completing the waiver forms ahead of time to once again save time are just a few. The barbeque was a lovely addition, but the timing will be adjusted next year so food will be available by the beginning of the second run for those who need to leave early due to other commitments.

As always, many thanks go to all of the volunteers who freely gave their time, boats, and enthusiasm to this venture! If you are interested in taking part in next year’s project, please email Nada Beamish.