Walk the Fishing Creek Trail

If you’ve never seen Fishing Lake, here’s your chance. Among the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) Loughborough Wilderness acquisitions is the Kerr Property, which lies between North Shore Road and the southern end of Fishing Lake. The most recent owner of the property constructed a road between North Shore Road and the lake, and this road has now become the Fishing Creek Trail. NCC organizes volunteer stewardship groups to monitor and help maintain its trails. The group looking after Fishing Creek trail is led by Jim Spencer and includes Clayton Potts, Evonne Potts, Philippa Fugler, and myself. 


 Because it was originally a road, the trail is obstacle free, but there are some hills. It passes through an extensive wetland before entering the forest that surrounds Fishing Lake. The lake itself is almost completely undeveloped, a feature that has made it attractive to NCC, which now owns several other properties fronting on the lake.  


Access to the trail is very easy. There is a gated entrance on the north side of North Shore Road about 0.5 km from the turnaround at the road’s end. Space to park several cars is available in front of the gate. It’s a 0.6 kilometre walk from the gate to the lake. 

Get out your hiking clothes and visit one of the special places around Loughborough Lake!