Spring 2019 Newsletter


Welcome to spring (we hope it’s really here when you get this) from the BLLA Board. If you have your Fall newsletter handy and compare the listings on page 2, you will see we have a new President, Evonne Potts, and a new Director, Heather Gregg. However, Nada Beamish and Joe Pater will be stepping down after the AGM. We appreciate their years of service to the Association and to this newsletter. As the “Come on Down” announcement later in the newsletter says, volunteers to sit on the Board are definitely welcome.

We hope you find the announcements and articles in this newsletter useful and interesting. We are already stockpiling articles for Fall and thinking about new ways to communicate with Lake Association members and the public (see Get Connected! page 3). Encouraged by the success of our recent survey, we will be reaching out again to get your ideas on what role a newsletter of this type should play in the future.

Happy summer! – Your BLLA Board