Camping on Crown Land

Why travel hours to go camping when we have wonderful spots on our lake! This would be true camping with no luxury amenities. There are several islands which are designated Crown land where camp sites have been set up. The nice thing about these sites is that they are free but on a first come, first served basis. To check out Camping on Crown Land before you go.

The most common sites are in the east basin starting with Whitefish Island in the channel. Continuing eastward, there is Goat Island (3 camp sites), Papoose, Sheep and Porcupine Islands and farther in the east basin Snake Island, just to name a few. There are no docks but boats can tie up easily. Most have a picnic table and a fire pit, plus the all important privy. The picnic tables on Goat Island as well as the privies (complete with plaques saying, β€˜For more privacy, close your eyes.’) were donated years ago by the Father and Son Ministry. They return each May long weekend to clean the sites and make appropriate repairs while enjoying island camping. A few years ago, the Lake Association built and placed privies on several islands that needed them. Just load your boat, canoe or kayak and have a beautiful outdoor experience!