Fall 2018 Newsletter


The sharp-eyed among you will notice some changes on the first two pages of this newsletter. There have been several changes in the composition of the Board of Directors. First of all, three members of the Board retired as of our August AGM: Barbara Canton (our president for the last five years), Susan Sutherland, who organized the social events many of you enjoyed over that time, and Joanne McDonnell, who also served for five years. Our thanks to all three.

We are happy to report that the Board has two new members, Anne Fisher and Kevin Kapler. We look forward to the contributions we are sure they will make to the Board and the Lake Association. We would also welcome additional Board members. Appointments can be made at any time.

Heather Gregg has taken on the role of editor of our Facebook page. Thanks Heather.

Finally, you may have noticed that this column is from the Vice President. In accordance with our by-laws, it is the responsibility of directors to fill the executive positions after they are elected at the AGM. So far, no one has taken on the President’s position, but we hope to have this resolved at our next Board meeting in December.

We are continuing our ongoing water testing program this year and thank those who have volunteered their time in collecting these data. A report of the results can be found on pages 13-14 of this newsletter.

Likewise, we again had our annual Trout Stocking event in May. On behalf of all of us, many thanks go to Nada Beamish for her organization of this

event. Thanks also to those who helped out with the actual stocking. Nada’s report is on page 9. The newsletter has several other interesting articles that we hope you will enjoy. Thank you to the contributors.

Finally, as you surely know, municipal elections were held October 22nd. Successful candidates were:

South Frontenac: Mayor Ron Vandewal

Storrington District: Norm Roberts, Ronald Sleeth

Loughborough District: Ross Sutherland, Randy Ruttan

Kingston: Mayor Bryan Paterson

Countryside District: Gary Oosterhof

Congratulations to the successful candidates and thanks to Philippa Fugler for co-organizing a successful all-candidates meeting with the Dog Lake Association.

Joe Pater